E21: Inflation, Crypto, Backdoor Roth

Executive Summary In this episode Tyler tackles some of the reasons for the recent rise in inflation, and how it can impact your portfolio. He also dives into the world of Crypto and how it is changing the investing landscape. The financial planning strategy on this week’s episode is the Backdoor Roth.   Inflation: What is […]

Estimated Taxes

There always seems to be a mystique around estimated taxes.  Often, we run into situations where people are not making estimated tax payments when they should, and sometimes, making these payments when they don’t really need to. Estimated tax payments are rendered unnecessary for most taxpayers, because most of their income comes from an employer […]

Open Enrollment

It’s OPEN ENROLLMENT season One thing I love about Maine: Seems like we have more ‘seasons’ than just about anywhere.  Sure, some will say we have the four standard seasons: Spring, winter, fall, and the Fourth of July.  To that list, you can add mud season, black fly season, blueberry season, hunting season, and (this […]

E19: Questions of the Month

Executive Summary In this episode of Financial Discretion Advised, Abrin and Tyler work through some recent questions from clients. They also debut a new podcast segment, “In the Headlines”.    In the Headlines:  We saw the August Jobs report a miss 235,000 out of expected 750,000. However, unemployment numbers are starting to look up as the additional unemployment […]

Why we don’t do hourly planning

“No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy” Helmuth von Moltke, Prussian Field Marshal – 1871 Financial Planning, as a service, is an amorphous term.  It has been used to describe the process of selling financial products to consumers, legal and accounting work, and investment management.  However, doing ‘real’ Financial Planning (as we see […]

Buying a home in a crazy market

Easily one of the most “I didn’t see THAT coming” fallouts from the pandemic has been the boost to the housing market, nationwide.  While some areas have seen more frenzied action than others, the general trend has been toward one of the most significant ‘sellers markets’ in history.  This has persisted into 2021, and as […]