FAQ: What are your fees?


There are a few ways you can choose to engage with PFA.  However, one item we do NOT charge for is the introductory process.  If you’d like to schedule a meeting to discuss your goals/needs, get to know each other and understand these fees feel free to do so here: https://calendly.com/craigjoncas/free-intro.  We will spend the necessary time to ensure our relationship is mutually beneficial before engaging.

Now, let’s get into our fees.  We have three fee schedules based on the services you need:

Wealth Management

The vast majority of our clients work with us in a Wealth Management capacity.  This is our most holistic service and a good fit if you are looking for a long-term partner to assist in both your financial planning and asset management needs.  We charge a tiered percentage fee based on the assets you manage with us:

*We require a $200,000 minimum for this service.  If you do not meet this minimum, you may be a good fit for our financial planning services, below.
*For more detail, see our dedicated Wealth Management page here: https://penobscotfa.com/services/wealth-management/.

Financial Planning Only

This service is a good fit if you are a young professional, do not have assets to manage yet or just prefer to manage your own investments.  It’s also a way you can choose to get started with us without committing your assets – you can transition to a more holistic relationship down the road!  We believe quality Financial Planning should be accessible, so we charge an annual fee based on your income:

*You can choose to pay this fee upfront, or monthly – your preference!
*After the first year, you can cancel anytime.
*For more detail, see our dedicated Financial Planning page here: https://penobscotfa.com/services/financial-planning/.

Asset Management Only

If you have a good handle on your financial health, but need a partner to assist in managing your investments, this service is a good fit.  It is also a good fit for our Financial Planning clients who do not meet the Asset Management Minimum, as we waive it for these clients.  We charge a tiered percentage fee based on the assets you manage with us:

*We require a $200,000 minimum for this service.  If you are engaged in our Financial Planning Only services, we will waive this minimum.
*For more detail, see our dedicated Asset Management page here: https://penobscotfa.com/services/asset-management/.

What we don’t do

PFA does not perform hourly or project-based services.  We are holistic advisors and our service/pricing is structured to work with individuals and families who need a partner in improving their overall financial health and/or investment outcomes.

If you are curious for more education on how Financial Advisors are compensated, click HERE.