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PFA Ponderings
October 26, 2018


The 1997 Taxpayer Relief Act, like most tax code overhauls, was born out of bits and pieces of manipulation. The most memorable of these was an initiative brought forth by Senator William Roth of Delaware.  The Individual Retirement Account, legislated into existence in 1974, had become a staple of individual…
PFA Ponderings
September 21, 2018

RMD 101, Tax Reform 2.0, and my Mom.

My mother still objects vehemently.  These are her funds!  She squirreled these away for years! She should be able to spend them – or not – as she deems appropriate!  Who is the government to tell her she has to take money out of her retirement plan?! Required Minimum Distributions…


At Penobscot Financial Advisors, we believe the best way to empower people is through education, which is why we’ve created a series of three workshops that cover key areas of personal finance. These seminars are both fun and informative—but never a sales pitch. Every presentation is delivered by one of our knowledgeable financial planners and each is designed with the same objective: to leave participants feeling inspired to take small steps towards improving their overall financial wellbeing.

We’re currently booking financial planning and asset management seminars for 2020. Want us to come to your place of work? Have your human resources or benefits departments reach out to us by emailing or calling (207) 990-1901 in order to start the scheduling process.

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