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PFA Ponderings
September 14, 2018

Geeky Bond Math Made (somewhat) Simple.

In the universe of capital market investments, it seems there’s no area more confounding than the ‘debt markets’.  Clients and advisors alike project a look of semi-understanding when bonds and all of their quirky dynamics come into the equation. Bonds are easy, as long as we remember one thing:  they’re…
PFA Ponderings
September 7, 2018

Live in Maine? Have some free money!

As I write this blog, it’s sunny, dry and 73 degrees.  There’s a slight breeze.  This is, I believe, the best possible meteorological condition for human existence.  Extremely liveable. Of course, as anyone living in Maine is well aware, this kind of day is the exception to the rule.  Generally,…
PFA Ponderings
August 31, 2018

First World Problems and The Kiddie Tax

We’re looking at what some economists call the longest bull market in history, and it’s creating problems. They’re not really bad problems.  We’ll just call them challenges.  More specifically, we’ll call them Capital Gains – and the IRS will be looking to take a portion of those in taxes.  Fortunately,…
PFA Ponderings
August 27, 2018

Longest Bull Market in History! (??)

This week, we’re breaking down the longest bull market in history (or IS it?). Usually published on Friday, this had to wait til Monday while Isaiah Jeffrey Tackett was making his entrance into this world at 9lbs 3oz. Maybe there’s more bull left for this lad to enjoy? This week,…
PFA Ponderings
August 10, 2018

IRA Charitable Rollover

Penned by Jennifer I Richard, JD, the Director of Gift Planning at Maine Community Foundation, working with donors and other partners to improve the quality of life for all Maine people. A couple of PFA Ponderings ago there was a discussion about retirement savings in the context of IRS Tools:…


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