About Penobscot Financial Advisors’ Services

At Penobscot Financial Advisors, our goal is to help fellow Mainers make sense of their financial future. Whether you’re a young professional dipping your toes into the world of investments and savings, or you’re looking to tackle your retirement planning with a professional financial advisor, our team of experts can help you create the future you deserve.

Our financial planners look beyond the money to help you make the best decisions for your future, and we never push for services that don’t make sense for your personal goals.

If the term “asset allocation” makes you stressed, we also get that. That’s why we work to demystify financial lingo along the way. We believe in open communication and transparency in all of our partnerships. For you, that means we’ll never overwhelm you with complicated jargon or empty buzzwords, and we will always explain our recommendations so that you understand the why behind them.

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Our Services

Financial Planning

Quality financial planning should be accessible. We help you identify goals and execute action plans to realize those goals in easy-to-understand terms. Let’s work together to make your goals a reality, one step at a time.
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Asset Management

We assist in matching your goals with an appropriate investment strategy to manage your assets in an objective, independent way with your best interests in mind. Put our Investment Committee to work for you!
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Wealth Management

Our most holistic offering. Wealth Management is for those who desire an ongoing partner managing all aspects of their long-term financial success. This positions PFA as the Chief Financial Officer of your household.
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University of Maine

For over 20 years, we have provided holistic wealth management to higher education professionals in Maine. Our in-plan advice service allows us to manage your retirement portfolio for you hassle-free.
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Maine Financial Advisors For Your Future

There are many Maine financial advisors to choose from, but we believe that our team of experts at Penobscot Financial Advisors are best equipped to help you set and meet your long-term financial goals.

From starting a family and changing jobs to handling inheritance and transitioning into retirement, life continually presents us with new challenges and opportunities. Our financial advisors work as a team to learn your unique situation and guide you down a path tailored to you. Our goal is for you to reach yours through a painless, accessible process that’s proactive and personalized.

Your money should fuel your present and build your future. At Penobscot, we make sure it does.