Our Story

Penobscot Financial Advisors stands for so much more than just excellent financial planning. That’s because our focus isn’t on crowding our client roster; it’s on providing the best possible standard of care for you, our clients. This means our advisors wear a lot of hats—we’re life coaches, teachers, friends. It’s just what you do when you’re in it for the long haul, and we’re 100% committed to supporting and empowering you from the acquisition of your first asset onward. No confusing industry jargon, no judgment, just straightforward solutions and support as we help you optimize your finances to reflect your passions, interests and lifestyles.

Core Values

Our expectation is to work with clients over a lifetime. We do this under an umbrella of guiding principles that are shared by our entire team.

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We’re here to demystify financial management using clear, easy-to-understand terms and plain language. We always have time to explain a recommendation, and we’re committed to making our process transparent.

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We believe it’s never too early to begin planning for your future, which is why we don’t require our clients to have accumulated a certain amount in assets before they join. We’re happy to help you make those early decisions that will set you up for success down the road.

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As the independent planning group providing the most TIAA plan participants with asset management in New England, we know the ins and outs of the education sector. Fiscal pressures on institutions have never been greater, but we can help you understand TIAA, Fidelity and other plans and products thoroughly.

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We strive to make financial planning as painless as possible by offering a mixture of easily accessible online and in-person services. You’re able to view your portfolio in real-time through our online customer portal, access resources on Financially.Fit, attend at-work seminars and more.

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Financial plans should never be one-size-fits-all. We get to know who you are beyond your assets and liabilities, taking a holistic, individualized approach to your finances and holding your hand every step of the way.

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Our goal is to give you the tools to successfully create, manage and protect your wealth. It’s up to you how hands-on or hands-off you are with your financial planning, and we help you feel informed about the decisions you’re making.

Our Process

Constructing a Personal Financial Plan can be a daunting task—and that’s where we come in. At Penobscot Financial Advisors, we’ve streamlined what can be a complicated process into six, simple steps, and our advisors act as your guide throughout every stage.

We understand that when we talk about finance, we’re really discussing the lifestyle you want to lead, both now and in the future. Together, we’ll create a plan that is personalized to you, capturing your goals and laying out a realistic strategy for meeting these objectives. You can sleep soundly at night knowing qualified professionals are continually working to refine a plan designed to get you to where you want to go.


Reach Out

Call, e-mail or stop by the office so we can get acquainted. We only need a little information to get us started on the path to success.

Get Organized

We know you’re busy and that organizing financial data is not at the top of your priority list. Instead, bring in the documents and files you have on hand, and we’ll sort through everything together. Whether you work better on paper or online, we can compile a clear picture of current financial standing.

Explore Goals and Possibilities

With insight into your current financial position, it’s time to talk about the big picture. Working as a team, we’ll identify your goals, discuss what is realistically attainable and run through various scenarios for accomplishing these objectives.

Formulate Strategies and Tactics

While you muse on the future, we’ll be formalizing specific recommendations to help you realize those dreams. Our work is comprehensive, objective and tailored to you.

Create Implementation Plan

It’s time to review our recommendations and agree on an action plan. We outline the steps, and hold your hand throughout the process, explaining our proposed course of action in plain language so you have a comprehensive understanding of your financial plan.

Monitor and Recalibrate

Even the best-laid plans are subject to change and require flexibility. We keep up-to-date on your financial position, which includes scrutinizing external factors such as the ever-changing market and economy, and adapt your plan as necessary so you stay on target to meet your goals.


Jim Bradley Portrait

Jim Bradley, CFA, AIF®, CFP®

Founder & Chief Investment Officer

Jim is the visionary of the team, using his years of industry experience and innovative thinking to continually push Penobscot Financial Advisors forward. When not in the office, he can be found flying his plane, playing the mandolin or gardening.

Craig Joncas Headshot

Craig Joncas, CFP®

Managing Principal & Chief Compliance Officer

Craig is always staying on the forefront of industry developments in order to provide clients with cutting-edge resources and solutions. A skilled multitasker at work, Craig unwinds by bowling strikes or teeing up on the golf course in his off time.

Hannah M. Tackett

Operations Manager

Hannah is the resident technology expert, working diligently to implement solutions and ensure Penobscot Financial Advisors is operating efficiently. Her greatest joy at work is collaborating with coworkers to ensure they have the resources needed to support clients. When not in the office, Hannah can be found on the volleyball court.

Julie Willete Portrait

Julie Willette

Client Relations Specialist

Julie is our forms and transactions guru, making sure transactions process smoothly while keeping clients informed each step of the way. She’s also the friendly voice on the other end of the phone when you call the office! After hours, Julie can be found cheering on her family members at various sporting and intramural events.

Abrin Berkemeyer, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Abrin is honing his extensive financial market and mathematics knowledge into practical application as he works closely with the firm’s advisors, researching complex planning topics and crafting solutions for clients. When not working, Abrin enjoys hiking, going to the gym, and currency trading.

Sam Chaplin

Portfolio Administrator

Sam joined the team in 2018 as the Portfolio Administrator. He is responsible for handling trade entry, model management and our client portal data. Sam is focused on leveraging our technology to provide efficient trade execution and transparent reporting standards. Outside of work, Sam is busy preparing for the CFA Level II exam, but can always find time to enjoy Maine’s Great Outdoors.

Tyler Hafford

Associate Advisor

Tyler, the newest member of the team, is constantly sharpening his planning skills to ensure clients are always receiving top notch service and financial solutions. When not working or studying for the CFP exam, Tyler can be found out on the links or enjoying a day on the lake with his family.