What is WEP? Why does it reduce my SS Benefits?

What is this ‘Windfall Elimination Provision’, and why does it reduce my Social Security benefits? Public school teachers in 15 states and the District of Columbia do not participate in Social Security.  What this means is that they and their employers don’t pay in the social security taxes and they don’t accrue benefits while they […]

E26: Interest hikes like the 80’s? The power of Tax Deferral

Interest hikes like the 80’s? Power of Tax Deferral and the $400k mistake you may be making! In this episode, Tyler breaks down the tough task ahead of the fed when it comes to interest rate hikes and inflation. Additionally, he examines the power of tax deferral and a 400k mistake you might be making. […]

War, the Economy, and your Portfolio

The recent buildup of Russian forces around Ukraine left many people, including plenty of our clients, asking whether they should be changing their investment strategy in the face of potential war.  The subsequent invasion of the sovereign Ukraine by Russian forces, along with much of the market volatility that has been experienced in 2022, is […]

Market Corrections, Fixing Social Security, HSA

Executive Summary In episode 23 of Financial Discretion Advised, Tyler brings Jim Bradley back on to discuss the current market volatility and how it fits in the historical context of the market, as well as Jim’s fixes for a broken Social Security System. The two finish up talking about the benefits of using an HSA […]

Alternative Assets, US Mega Caps, Financial Success in 2022

Executive Summary Alternative Assets  – What are they? Alternative assets tend to be a “catch-all” category that includes things like Real Assets (Commodities and Private Real Estate), as well as things like private equity, private debt, hedge funds and liquid alternatives. Sam gives us a good break down of all these investments. – Why are […]

The ‘Boring’ I-Bond: It’s not so boring right now.

Investing in bonds, whether to diversify a portfolio, to produce reliable income, or to simply hold onto some money for a ‘rainy day’, has been challenging over the past few years.  Interest rates, which started to look slightly more competitive in 2018 and 2019 returned to even lower levels in 2020 and haven’t markedly recovered.  […]