PFA Ponderings

E7: New Year, New Financial Planning Resolutions

By PFA Ponderings, Podcast: Financial Discretion Advised

Executive Summary This week’s episode gets us ready for the long-awaited transition to 2021, as advisors Abrin Berkemeyer CFP® and Tyler Hafford go over New Year’s Resolutions to get your finances in order. Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021!  Resolution #1 – Build a Budget  Abrin and Tyler dive into the importance of starting at the basics….

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2020 Year in Review

By PFA Ponderings

2020 Year in Review For at least six years now, Craig and I have been alternating the responsibility of writing up our “year in review.” Somehow, I drew the short straw, and got stuck with 2020. Just my luck. I get to review the year that everyone’s trying to blot…

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