ESG and Voting Rights

ESG factors play an increasing part in the investment selection and management process at companies like PFA and across the industry.  Investors ultimately aspire to confront Environmental, Social and Governance issues in three ways: Focusing more investment on companies that lead the way on ESG issues; Withholding investment in companies operating in ways contrary to […]

Market Commentary | May 2021

Summary Market Review We bid a fond farewell to 2020 with hopes that 2021 might be a ‘quieter’ year. January, however, had other designs. During the first week of the month, protesters stormed the United States Capitol, leading to violence, the disruption of the presidential election certification, and several deaths. Nevertheless, the inauguration of Joe […]

The Rewards – and Risks – of the ‘Big Relief Bill’

Last week, Congress approved about $1.9 Trillion dollars in additional fiscal stimulus funding, meant to provide greater distribution of COVID vaccines and testing, to increase the amount of unemployment assistance is available to workers, and to put money directly into the pockets of U.S. consumers.  Much of the run-up in stock prices since the 2020 […]

Take a retirement plan distribution in 2020? You might get Special Treatment

Looking at markets and the economy today, it’s remarkable how different things feel than they did one year ago. Hope surrounding widespread distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and piles of fiscal and monetary stimulus have many economists projecting some of the most significant growth in 2021 that we’ve seen in decades.  By contrast, the spring of […]

Market Commentary | January 2021

Executive Summary Market Review  2020 was a year of tremendous change and disruption.  The year started with a SARS-like virus, first detected while spreading in China, being diagnosed in the US in January.   February saw rapid movement in the virus taking hold, and featured political intrigue, with the impeachment of President Trump.  Into March, the […]

2020 Year in Review

For at least six years now, Craig and I have been alternating the responsibility of writing up our “year in review.” Somehow, I drew the short straw, and got stuck with 2020. Just my luck. I get to review the year that everyone’s trying to blot from their memory. Sure, it started nicely enough. Winter […]

FinTech: A “Peek under our Hood”

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘FinTech’, you probably will be at some point soon.  Financial technology (that’s what FinTech means) has progressed massively since the year 2000, and will likely continue to grow exponentially in capability and scope.  Online banking, digital transactions, robo-advisors and cryptocurrencies are all significant new contributors to the FinTech […]