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April 27, 2018

Using the “F” Word

I had just finished delivering a seminar on tax code changes, and was approached by a few seminar participants who had questions.  After a few good tax questions, a couple stepped up and asked:  “Are you, or is your firm a FIDUCIARY?” It’s an interesting question, mostly because it gets…
November 6, 2017

Market Commentary – Q3 2017

Global markets managed to shake off natural disasters and geopolitical sabre rattling, to post a third quarter with steady growth and low volatility.  Generally, central bankers continued with relatively easy monetary policy, continuing to provide fuel for one of the longest global market expansions in history. Domestically, the S&P 500…
July 24, 2017

Market Commentary – Q2 2017

Quarterly Recap: Second quarter returns on major US stock indices were not as strong as the first quarter with the S&P 500 returning 3.1%, the Nasdaq Composite returning 3.9%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average returning 3.3%.  First quarter financial results released during the second quarter showed strong corporate earnings…
December 7, 2016

2016: A Year of Unexpected Outcomes

Dear Valued Client, Welcome to the 2nd Edition of PFA’s Year in Review. Last year's inaugural missive was penned by Managing Partner Craig Joncas, and I was greatly looking forward to reading his thoughts on this year.  However, in the year where things don't necessarily turn out as you think…