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May 4, 2021

ESG and Voting Rights

ESG factors play an increasing part in the investment selection and management process at companies like PFA and across the industry.  Investors ultimately aspire to confront Environmental, Social and Governance issues in three ways: Focusing more investment on companies that lead the way on ESG issues; Withholding investment in companies…
InvestingPFA PonderingsPodcast: Financial Discretion Advised
May 3, 2021

E12: Inflation with Sam Chaplin Executive Summary In this episode, Abrin sits down one-on-one with Sam Chaplin to discuss inflation. Sam is Associate Portfolio Manager at Penobscot Financial Advisors and is currently working on becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst with one test down and two to go.   What is inflation?   As Sam states, there are two main definitions…
InvestingPFA PonderingsPodcast: Financial Discretion Advised
March 3, 2021

E9: Investment Planning Strategies Executive Summary On this episode of Financial Discretion Advised, Tyler and Abrin tackle Investment Planning Strategies.   Getting on a Routine Investment Plan   Abrin explains how creating a routine investment plan can help set you up for success. By setting up automatic contributions, you can start the “baby steps” to…